Ep 51 - Mark Wilchynski - Eliminating 'Bad Deals' and Revamping Your Company Culture for B2B Growth

February 27, 2022 Sammy Gebele / Mark Wilchynski Season 1 Episode 51
Ep 51 - Mark Wilchynski - Eliminating 'Bad Deals' and Revamping Your Company Culture for B2B Growth
Show Notes

Don't you wish you could sniff out a 'Bad Deal'  before you went all in?

So does today's guest at GROW B2B FASTER: Mark Wilchynski, VP of America Sales at Zoomin Software.

What’s in it for you
1.        How to spot and get rid of potentially 'bad deals' – and bring more quality to the deals you’re after
2.        How to build a framework for a sales organization that works
3.        How clear feedback in your teams can lead to substantial growth
4.        What using a reverse timeline can bring to your potential deal
5.        How to successfully use LinkedIn to enhance recruiting and company reach

About Mark
Mark is VP of America Sales at Zoomin Software and is an expert in solution selling, business development and enterprise software. He’s been in the game for over 13 years. Mark has a passion for driving sales teams and promoting growth for businesses.

About Zoomin Software
Zoomin Software helps companies manage their technical content such as user guides, manuals, and community discussions. The company's intelligent platform ingests all your content, from manuals to API docs to support articles, and delivers it as a unified and consistent source of Product Answers. Zoomin Software has their headquarters in New York.

About the host Sammy
Sammy is a former Management Consultant turned entrepreneur. He is CEO and founder of SAWOO and helps Leaders in Consulting drive Social Marketing & Sales via LinkedIn to
1. Establish Thought Leadership
2. Build meaningful relationships within their target group
3. Win leads and drive sales
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Shownotes Mark
Find Mark on LinkedIn
Mark’s company Zoomin Software
Mark’  current favourite business book: Trillion Dollar Coach: The Leadership Handbook of Silicon Valley's Bill Campbell – Eric Schmidt
Mark’s favourite business leader: Russ Haswell
Sammy’s book mention about company culture of honesty: No Rules Rules – Reed Hastings (