Ep 23 - Joe Haslam - How to scale your company after you hit product-market fit

June 07, 2021 Sammy Gebele / Joe Haslam Season 1 Episode 23
Ep 23 - Joe Haslam - How to scale your company after you hit product-market fit
Show Notes

Learn from the Irish IE Business School professor and entrepreneur Joe Haslam how to scale your business.

In today's GROW B2B FASTER episode, our host Sammy, Managing Partner and founder of SAWOO catches up with Joe Haslam, Professor at IE Business School and Executive Director of the Owners Scaleup Program.

That's in it for you
1. Joe's inspiring entrepreneurial journey from schoolyard salesman to teaching at IE Business School and starting businesses
2. Joe's opinion on chasing new customers vs. expanding with existing customers
3. How to excel at cultivating existing customer relationships by going above and beyond the basic requirements
4. The benefits and challenges of running a growing business and finding product-market fit
5. How the pandemic led to useful insights about the exponential nature of scaling, experimenting, and sticking with what works best

About Joe
Joe is an aspiring global entrepreneur with strong business expertise, especially in the field of scaling companies. He is a professor at IE Business School and Executive Director of the Owner's Scale-up Program in his chosen hometown of Madrid. Besides, he has co-founded five companies and serves in roles such as an investor, board member, coach and speaker. His first company Marrakech raised over $75m in Venture Capital and scaled up to 250 employees. He is now the co-founder and Chairman of Hot Hotels, the first company from Spain to be accelerated by the Techstars program in the USA (Boston, summer 2015). Along with Professor Daniel Corsten, he is currently writing a book “The Scale-up Checklist”. Throughout his life, Joe has lived in 6 countries and is passionate about mountaineering - he has climbed 3 of the 7 summits.

About Owners Scaleup Program at IE Business School
IE Business School is a graduate and undergraduate school of business located in Madrid, Spain. It was founded in 1973 and has been part of IE University since 2009. At IE, the Owners Scaleup Program (OSP) is structured to refresh business management skills, identify market growth opportunities and investment readiness, and discuss concepts and strategies to sustain and grow your business in a changing economy. IE was ranked the #3 business school in Europe by the Financial Times in 2017. The 2019 QS Global MBA Rankings ranked IE in the same 8th place.

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Joe's favorite Business book: White Teeth by Zadie Smith, The Female Eunuch by Germaine Greer
Joe’s favorite business leader: John O’Shea and his organisation Goal