Ep 26 - Michael Lazik - The secret sauce of Templafy's B2B growth - from 300 to 500 employees this year alone!

June 14, 2021 Sammy Gebele / Michael Lazik Season 1 Episode 24
Ep 26 - Michael Lazik - The secret sauce of Templafy's B2B growth - from 300 to 500 employees this year alone!
Show Notes

Todays guest is Michael Lazik, Sales Director DACH at Templafy. That’s in it for you:

1. How long term relationships and considering buyer’s personal goals drive SaaS products success

2. How Templafy tests its way to the most effective sales strategy and wins new customers with valuable references 

3. Michael's take on value-based cold calling and how to excel in sales meetings by tackling prospects' pain points

4. Diversity as a success factor for sales teams and Michael’s biggest lesson learned in the past year

About Michael
Michael is an ambitious expert with 15 years of experience in the talent management industry and building sales organizations for leading SaaS providers. Prior to his role as Director Sales DACH at Templafy, Michael held senior sales and strategy roles at Stepstone and Cornerstone OnDemand. He is experienced in leading regional and international teams and gained intercultural experience working in Norway, Sweden, and the UK.

About Templafy
Templafy is pioneering the content enablement category with a first-of-its-kind infrastructure that actively accelerates business performance with connected content. Unlike existing solutions, Templafy is embedded in company-wide workflows, going beyond simple content management to serve teams exactly what they need, when and where they need it within the applications they already work in, while allowing organizations to effortlessly govern content and track performance. Essential to business enablement and embedded in every employee’s workflow, Templafy’s platform enhances the end-user experience, aligns workforces and enables people to create on-brand, high-performing business content faster. A seamless future of work relies on content enabled by Templafy.
Founded in Denmark in 2014, Templafy is a global organization with offices in six major business hubs such as New York, London, Copenhagen and Sydney. Templafy supports over 2.8M users and enables over 600 enterprise customers like KPMG, IKEA, and BDO

Shownotes Michael
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Michael’s favourite Business book: Crossing the Chasm by Geoffrey A. Moore
Michael’s’ favourite business leader: Jeff Weiner, Executive Chairman at LinkedIn