Ep 24 - Elias Völker - How Open Source drives Growth for tribe29

June 21, 2021 Sammy Gebele / Elias Völker Season 1 Episode 24
Ep 24 - Elias Völker - How Open Source drives Growth for tribe29
Show Notes

In today's episode with Elias Völker, Director International and Indirect Sales at tribe29 you will learn
1. How to grow your company with an open-source product
2. How to convert open-source product users to paying customers
3. Which growth opportunities tribe29 tested, which ones proved efficient

About Elias
Elias is an experienced professional with a strong track record of value-creating projects in large and mid-sized companies in the technology, telecom and media industries such as goetzpartners and tyntec. As Director International and Indirect Sales at tribe29, his focus lies on supporting simple to most complex environments with best-in-class infrastructure & application monitoring and to keep them up and running. He is an avid triathlete and enjoys mountain climbing and photography.

About tribe29
tribe29 is the developer company of Checkmk - an all-in-one IT monitoring software for hybrid and on-prem infrastructures available in both open source and commercial versions. Checkmk enables monitoring of servers, applications, networks, storage systems, databases, and cloud and container environments to ensure that the entire IT-backbone never fails. tribe29 was founded in 2009 and is based in Munich, Germany. Today, the company operates internationally in 35 countries and serves 2500+ commercial and 10,000+ open source customers.

About the host Sammy
Sammy is Managing Partner and founder of SAWOO. SAWOO helps companies with Social Marketing and Lead Generation to leverage the power of LinkedIn in a sustainable way. No spam, no bots but building real Human 2 Human connections between you and your B2B buyers. 

Shownotes Elias
Find Elias on LinkedIn
Elias’ company tribe29
Elias’ favorite Business book: The Hard Thing About Hard Things by Ben Horowitz and Business Model Generation by Alexander Osterwalder
Elias’ favorite business leader: ElonMusk and Alfred Herrhausen (check out his biography)
Sammy’s book tip for your hiring process: Who: The A method for hiring by Geoff Smart