Ep 38 - Chris Apostel - The Importance of Uniqueness in Sales

September 20, 2021 Pablo Gadola/Chris Apostel Season 1 Episode 38
Ep 38 - Chris Apostel - The Importance of Uniqueness in Sales
Show Notes

In today's episode with Chris Apostel, Sales Director DACH at GUURU you will learn

1. The present state and enormous future potential of the customer service landscape.
2. How GUURU stands out from today's digital noise by taking a unique approach to selling.
3. How to discover the passion you want to make a living with and the key traits of a great salesperson.

About Chris
Chris is a seasoned professional, passionate about the conversational commerce megatrend, SaaS solutions and consulting for e-commerce and omnichannel brands in the DACH region. As a graduate in strategic marketing, he started his career in various sales positions at companies such as indeed and Mediafix before joining GUURU as Sales Director DACH. In this role, he helps clients deliver high-quality 24/7 digital customer service and support. Besides, Chris is an active sales advisor for the SaaS customer experience platform Topikon and co-founder of the conversational24 blog, focusing on conversational commerce in DACH and emerging, innovative solutions. In his free time, Chris enjoys sports and keeps himself grounded with meditation.

Founded in Switzerland in 2015, GUURU helps companies improve their customer service by combining AI with the human experience of their product users. They believe that authentic human advice is still crucial for consumers when choosing a product or service or deciding to renew or switch. Therefore, the company leverages the extensive knowledge of certified product users - Guurus - and combines it with AI. The growing pool of Guurus guarantee instant live support, while their SmartBot is trained by and in a constant feedback loop with them, allowing it to learn faster. GUURU has a diverse team of talented and fun people in Switzerland, Germany, Portugal and the UK. Today, users in 12 different languages and regions benefit from the always-available support whereby their client portfolio includes sky, REWE toom and vertbaudet.

About the host Pablo
Pablo is a continuous learner with excellent people skills and a very driven can-do attitude. Finding the right solutions and helping clients to grow is his top priority and enables him to build strong business relationships. Prior to working at SAWOO, Pablo founded his own Startup and worked for many years in different positions to widen his understanding of Sales & Business Development.

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Chris’ favorite business book: The Big Five for Life by John Strelecky

Chris’ favorite business leader: Jeff Bezos, Elon Musk and Jack Ma