Ep 39 - Stephan Kühr - How to enter the US Market as a German B2B SAAS company

September 26, 2021 Sammy Gebele / Stephan Kühr Season 1 Episode 39
Ep 39 - Stephan Kühr - How to enter the US Market as a German B2B SAAS company
Show Notes

In today's episode with Stephan Kühr, CEO at 3YOURMIND you will learn

1. Why startups launching an unfinished solution gain an advantage over the competition in the long run
2. How 3YOURMIND's sales and marketing strategy has transformed throughout their growth journey
3. How to successfully enter the US market and sell your product as a German B2B SaaS company

About Stephan
Stephan Kühr is a thriving business leader and CEO of 3YOURMIND. His entrepreneurial career started at age 17, when Stephan founded his first web services company. He then completed his Master's degree in Physics and Economics at the University of Ulm and worked for three years at Vestas Wind System, where he led the 10-person German sales team. In 2013, he became inspired by 3D printing's potential to revolutionize manufacturing and co-founded 3YOURMIND, which in recent years has become the leading focal point and software infrastructure for 3D printing services around the world. In addition to managing the day-to-day operations and strategic positioning of the company, Stephan speaks at events around the world about the tremendous potential of 3D printing. In his spare time, Stephan enjoys cycling, both in the suburbs and in the forests and mountains.

3YOURMIND is a Berlin-based company that combines strategic thinking with technological expertise in additive manufacturing for today's Industry 4.0. The company provides industrial 3D printing solutions, simplifies access, management tools and increases printing output to improve industrial production processes. 3YOURMIND's software solutions boost the performance of any 3D printer and enable team collaboration to save costs and speed up internal processes. As of 2020, their Agile Manufacturing Software Suite offers modules that optimize AM workflows across the value chain, providing visibility and scalability to their customers like Bosch and DB Schenker across the industry.

About the host Sammy
Sammy is Managing Partner and founder of SAWOO. SAWOO helps companies with Social Marketing and Lead Generation to leverage the power of LinkedIn in a sustainable way. No spam, no bots but building real Human 2 Human connections between you and your B2B buyers.

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