Ep 48 - Markus Rupprecht - 1 KPI to rule them all

January 06, 2022 Sammy Gebele / Markus Rupprecht Season 1 Episode 48
Ep 48 - Markus Rupprecht - 1 KPI to rule them all
Show Notes

In today's GROW B2B FASTER episode, our host Sammy, Managing Partner and founder of SAWOO, catches up with Markus Rupprecht, CEO at Traxpay.

That's in it for you:
1. Which KPIs are most crucial to look at, to incentivize your team as well as work towards one goal
2. How to win clients with direct sales
3. Why social media plays such a huge role in big whale hunting
4. Why you should share more of your knowledge and not hold back

About Markus
Markus is an entrepreneur with a broad overview of the European and US banking market. His focus is on payments and trade finance. As a generalist his main skill is to get things going and then drive them forward. He brings experience in a major European bank's credit department to the table, followed by experience in payments software and consultancy companies. Now he is the CEO of Traxpay.

About Traxpay
Traxpay is a pioneer in B2B Dynamic Payments. As a company they uniquely connect banking, transaction data, and B2B commerce together to provide the utmost in visibility and control for B2B buyers and suppliers. Traxpay has developed a method of very lean ERP integration which enables suppliers to get all refinancing solutions out of one hand, buyers to leverage their excess cash, and banks to stay relevant at the center of the client relationship.

About the host Sammy
Sammy is Managing Partner and founder of SAWOOSAWOO helps companies with Social Marketing and Lead Generation to leverage the power of LinkedIn in a sustainable way. No spam, no bots but building real Human 2 Human connections between you and your B2B buyers.

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